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I've been working remotely for 10 years.

Give me a call or send an email and we can arrange an initial free meeting to  discuss your project.
+44 (0)7833 512221 or [email protected]

I am a freelance web developer, programmer and application architect based in Brighton.

I have extensive knowledge of analysing race horse breeding data to give potential purchasers of foals an idea of what bloodlines they might wish to buy from.

My main services are: Functional specification writing, Helping clients with their business ideas, Sql and NoSql database design and implementation, PHP with MVC frameworks, API writing and testing, JavaScript with jQuery.

Not sure what you need to implement your ideas?
Come and talk, I'll point you in the right direction even if the project is not for me. There is no cost for this initial meeting.

Need someone you can trust?
I am a  professional, reliable and highly experienced web application developer who will meet your business and project needs.

Unsure of what you need?
I will work with you to create the functional framework that meets your business needs.

Next Steps
Working from the functional specification agreed with you I have extensive experience of choosing good technical solutions and working with the client to make reliable and secure web based solutions for bespoke applications.

How much is it going to cost?
I either quote the project based on the specification or work on a pro-rota basis, either way will work with you to limit expenses, prevent expensive mistakes and explain options for progress.

Project Completion
The solution developed will be carefully tested and then you will be able to use my test site to make sure it meets your needs (user acceptance testing).

I am then able to offer future support with bugs, to assist you with upgrades and to add new features as needed.

Will I be hacked?
I build systems that are resistant to hacking, stable and long lasting that meet the business needs of my clients and are in line with relevant legislation.

Ancient software that needs updating?
I regularly take legacy software systems and bring them up to date, tackling all the technical challenges posed by old systems and servers.

Latest Client Work:

Villa agency, high end luxury villa holidays with all the difficulties taken care of.
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Technologies: PHP, Wordpress plugin, API, Slim, jQuery, fixing legacy code

TheRacehorse, large horse racing bloodstock database with paid for reports, clean up routines, membership options and other horse racing bloodstock information.
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Technologies: PHP, MVC, MariaDB, jQuery, PDFCrowd api use, Taxamo/Strip integration, Complex SQL queries.

Airsensa, internet of things (IoT) project to monitor air quality at ppm levels, developed data capture to MongoDB and display using Google graphs and APIs.
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Technologies: PHP, MVC, MongoDB, big data, API's jQuery, Google graphs.

Hope for Child and family training, technical design and build of an application to help NHS professionals help problem children in families.
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Main technologies PHP with Codeigniter, jQuery.

Content Capsule, Bug fixing and enhancement for Codegniter with Bonfire and a lot of JavaScript/jQuery improvement and fixing.
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Music Robot, developed database, MySql and back end code using php with Codeigniter framework and SSP secure login system. Interfaced to twitter and Facebook apis for login, voting and like posting.
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