PHP7 and JavaScript Development

Development of server side object oriented php 5 software using MVC frameworks such as Codeigniter, Slim, Symfony 2 and Zend to meet your business flow and requirements.

JavaScript libraries developed using jQuery and other resources to implement dynamic sites which work both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

API Development and Testing

Have developed rest APIs to integrate services with other websites and mobile apps and have developed extensive testing software using codeception.


Design and development of Sql and NoSql databases to match your needs and business process.

I specialise in developing efficient data storage in appropriately chosen types of database systems to match your business needs.

Large amounts of variable data without much in the way of relationships? A NoSql database such as MongoDB could be the best option.

High relationships between the data? Sql databases such as MySql or MS Sql Server might be a better match.

Application integration

There are many share ware and open source applications available on the web and the use of these can significantly reduce the cost of a project.

W34u specialises in taking ready written applications and modifying them to meet the clients functional needs and the look of their site.

Internet of Things and Big Data

Control and data acquisition from large networks of small devices.

Big data storage and analysis using MongoDB with pipelines.

W3C standards

With the advent of compliant browsers such as IE6, Firefox, Mozzila and Opera it has become possible to develop clean simple standards compliant web sites which are compatible across most platforms and even work fairly well in older browsers.

Advantages are reduced development cost, increased speed, search engines like them better, improved special needs support and cheaper to keep up to date.

We make great efforts to make sure the site is compliant and flexible so our clients receive the maximum benefit from this new trend in development.