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Web development


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Database, scripting and server side configuration

We specialise in providing technical services to graphic designers and front end developers, this could be as simple as sorting out basic cgi scripts to as complex as implementing content management systems and configuring the hosting.

What does this mean for You?

We take all the complicated server side problems, such as database integration, and develop solutions to your specifications, thus freeing you to get on with developing the look and feel of the site.

We can help with anything from project management to w3c standards compliance so to solve your project's technical challenges contact w34u!

script production

script production

Scripting from email forms to active sites and customisation.

server configuration

server config.

Hosting for your web site with e-mail and other services.

w3c standards complience

w3c standards

Creation and checking of web sites to w3c standards.

database development


Design and building of data storage to meet your needs.

application integration

app. integration

Integration of applications into your web site.

special integrated services

special services

3d views, data services, streaming media, live video.