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PHP and JavaScript Development

Creation of server side php and JavaScript code to drive your dynamic applications, read more....

Database Sql and NoSql

Designing the structure and indexing for bespoke applications using Sql and NoSql databases, read more...

Internet of things and Big Data

Control and big data storage and analysys using MongoDB.

Application integration

Many customer requirements can be met from existing applications which can be integrated into the web site, read more...

W3c standards

Ensuring the HTML5 and css on a web sites meets the w3c guidelines has many advantages such as reduced costs, better site longevity and browser compatibility, read more....


script production

PHP JavaScript

PHP5, JavaScript developmenty using frameworks.

server configuration

Internet of Things

Control and big data storage and analysys using MongoDB.

w3c standards complience

w3c standards

Creation and checking of web sites to w3c standards.

database development

database Sql & NoSql

Design and building of data storage to meet your needs.

application integration

app. integration

Integration of applications into your web site.